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who is glenda green?

I am an abstract artist influenced by the groovy psychedelic vibe of the 60's and 70's. Think Jimi Hendrix, VW vans and peace signs.  Living in Florida and Hawaii has had an impact on my art in the use of vibrant colors and shapes...like the ocean, flowers and palm trees. I usually listen to music from this era, which shows up as an abstract expression of my emotions. I would describe my art as colorful, whimsical and complex.

I use lots of different materials in my art, incorporating acrylic, oil, watercolor, markers crayons, pencil and collage materials. I paint on wood primarily as it allows me to sand, scrape and dig into the paint, revealing layers upon layers of colors underneath. 

My progression as a visual artist is a product of creating "doodles" with markers and collage material over the last 20 plus years. Now I am starting to incorporate those doodles into paintings which is a happy union of my past and present art making.


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